Damaged Girl Disclaimer

The happenings of a survivor…

My name is Laney Marie, well that’s my nick name anyway and it’s the name that I choose to go by. Due to the nature of this weblog I wish to maintain some anonymity. Also this description is to serve as a warning to parents of younger children. So please pay attention:

When I was two (2) years old I was sexually abused by my brother who was thirteen (13) years old. The situation of course was well handled by Child Protective Services and my parents. When I was seventeen (17) years old I feel victim to what they call an acquaintance rape, meaning that I was raped be someone who I knew.

This weblog will be a record of my journey through recover. At times some of the entries well be dark and will discuss the events around both incidents. Other times this will merely be a record of things that have happened to me throughout my day.

I have chosen to publish this weblog to help others out there who have gone through the same thing. Also to help parents understand what their children are going through.

Feelings do not make sense, they are made out of gray area, so please while you try to apply logic to I have gone through and what I am going through keep that in mind.