My Birthday….


So now I’m a officially 24 years old. How depressing is that! Just kidding. So far I see no difference between 24 and 23, none at all. Oh well. That’s life.
On my birthday I got to have lunch with my family because most of them were all still in CT since we had a party the day before. It was nice. We had lobster, which is one of my favorite shell fish. Then they gave me carrot cake, again one of my favorites. I don’t know why I like carrot cake for a birthday cake, most people don’t. I guess I’m just silly.
Anyway now it’s July, it’s not really hot here, yet. It was very hot durning June which was old, but now that it’s July I’m starting to need to wear long pants again, odd.
Most of my friends called me on my birthday, which was nice of them, but I left my charger in CT so I felt bad because I wouldn’t answer the phone. I needed to hold off until I could get a charger. They left messages though.
Let’s see. I might be moved back to the Boston store, if I’m not I’m handing in my two weeks notice. I refuse to keep going out to Braintree. It’s seriously cramping on my cash flow. It costs me more to go out there than I earn, evil.
Morty is up now. I better go play with him. He loves to go out in the city and I’m trying to find him a bag that I can carry him in. Now that it’s summer it’s too hot for him in my purse. I need something that he can stick his little head out of but not the rest of his body. Which is pretty hard to find since from everything I’ve read it says that if a ferret can stick their head out then can get their whole body out. Oh well!