The evil of head colds


So I have had this head cold for the last week and a half now. My ears keep popping every five minutes, my head feels like it’s stuffed with cotton, and my sinuses are pretty much as hard as a rock. I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. I even bought some Claritin-D but that stuff just made me sleepy. It’s evil. Meanwhile I have to keep going to work. Just two more days though. Thank god!
So I really am thinking about quiting the Vitamin Shoppe. The thing is I don’t like the company, they screw everyone over. They upped the pay scale but they didn’t increase anyone’s current salary, which hello, is so rude. I know a lot of companies do this but their reasoning for upping the pay scale was so that they would be able to hire people and keep them. Well that doesn’t make any sense when people like Brad and Ana who have been with the company more than four years will be earning either the same as or less than someone who just gets hired today or tomorrow. Then those people who have been with the company will want to leave.
At the same time I really like working with Ana. Working with creepy Jared, rude Mike, and doesn’t-show-up-to-work Pierre I could live without. But I feel bad for Ana because her staff is a little lacking to be desired, at the same time I know they are very loyal to Ana and they will help her out when and if she needs it. So if I leave, not a big deal. I will be screwing over Ana but she will understand. It’s not like she really fought to have me there. She asked to have me put there. She did almost quit when they put this other guy there instead of me but that was because that Jim guy went behind her back when he said that he was going to keep her in the loop. But she came back before they said they would put me in there. And they did make it seem like they weren’t going to put in that store because Jim did call and was like, oh well sorry, now that Ana is back we don’t need you anymore. She didn’t seem to broken up about it, but who knows.
Now I’m about to get ready to leave. Jared is suppose to pick me up since there is no bus today because of the holiday. Evil bus system. I better get ready to go. I have no idea when he is coming. He better remember to pick me up! I’ll kill him if he doesn’t.