School is over and then it starts again…


So I got a B+ is CL2 which is awesome. I bet if I did the extra credit projects I might have gotten an A- but sleep was so much more important. Anyway in about a week my classes for summer start. Woohoo! Ugh!
I hate working at Vitamin Shoppe, again. I should have just found anotehr job and kept working there part time. It’s not I don’t know the company, well I don’t cause they did screw me over, but it’s my staff. I really only get along with Ana. Jared is okay but weird to work with. I don’t really like working with him at all. And the two full timers who work there I don’t like working with at all because they don’t listen to me. Ugh!
So why do I want to travel an hour and 15 minutes to put up with these people? I have no idea.
I am thinking of trying to find a new job, something Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm. It would be nice. But I feel bad for Ana cause she is my friend and for Linda our new District Manager because she has been really nice to me. We will see how it goes.