Done! Done! Done!


Finally! I’m finished! I’ve just finished the very last essay for Children’s Lit 2 that I will ever have to do! So far I have B+ in the class, I doubt the teacher will give me an A- because I’ve missed so many classes but I don’t care, I’m just glad that it’s over with! My last essay sucked. In my defense the book sucked too! But the last three essays that I just did today are really good. I hope he likes them a lot. I’ll finish posting up all of the essays later this week. I’m just so happy because I’m done! DONE! DONE! DONE!
My mom is coming to visit me on Thursday. this is much cause for stress because 1) I have to clean, 2) I have to hid some of the computer stuff I have, 3) I have to do some more work on the paintings that I haven’t done, 4)No one in my family knows about Morty. There is a long story as to how and why they never found out, but I really dont’ feel like going into that right now. I’m just going to pack up my things and great ready for her. *sigh*
Well on the plus side, I managed to get Jen off the phone so I could finish my work. I felt bad, cause I was really close to being done, but she just wanted to go on and on about her day and how frustrated she was. There are just some times when you can’t deal with people, and when you are about to finish the last essay that you ever have to do for a class, while that’s one of those times. She understands though, plus I told her I would call her back after I got out of class today.
I hope the class is short. I don’t want to be there forever tonight. There are many things that I need right now, sleep is one of them.
Well it’s time to head out now. If I leave now I might have a chance to go to BBKing and get a crispy chicken sandwhich, they have the best ones. I might go to Wendy’s though to save time.