Easter Sunday


I swear, I must of burned like a gillizion calories today. My friend Jazzy from CA came to visit, she might be living in Boston next year which would be totally awesome. Anyway, she, Jen, and I walked around Boston all day today. We even went to Harvard Square. I haven’t been there in forever. I forgot how much fun Urban Outfitters is, oh and how much it cost! I really have to dip into my bank account less for drinks. I’m not going out anymore this week. I need money for new clothes.
Nothing less really happened. I called my family in DE and I talked with everyone. My mom and I were really the only ones that talked cause I’m not really used to talking to my sis-in-law and my brother and my dad were both acting like the worst conversationalists in the world! Tomorrow I have to get up early so I’m calling it a night.
Happy Easter!