The recaplet of all times…


So I haven’t posted. Well I’ve been busy. I finished my art pieces, well for the most part anyway. So here what has been going on.
-Finished 4 out of 5 pieces for a grand total of 5 pieces, maybe will just forget about piece number 6
-Was asked if I wanted to be promoted to Braintree as Asstiant Manager, said yes
-Mary’s creapy stalker MBTA cop started calling her again, went with her to police who told her to go to the office that creapy stalker guy works in to fill a complaint, big help. Mary went with Jen and me while we got our eyebrows done so that she wouldn’t be alone for the rest of the day. She’s thinking of moving out of state. I hope she doesn’t.
-Talked with Regional Manager who basically didn’t tell me if I was going to get promoted or not
-Got my hair dyed to get rid of annoying light brown highlights. Woohoo!
-Found out that Jared knows about possible move to store in Braintree, oh crap!
-Went with Vicent after getting hair dyed. We fought, we are doing that a lot. I think he doesn’t like the idea of me working with Jared. I keep telling him that Jared is in love with Jen. That I know that Jared is in love with Jen and is just using me to try to get to Jen, he keeps saying why do I let Jared use me then. He does have a point. I guess the truth of the matter is that I know that Jared isn’t only using me to get to Jen, plus Jared knows about the rape and child abuse and Vincent doesn’t, well not as much as Jared does anyway. So it makes it easier to talk to Jared. Why is life so complicated?
-Watched Medicial Investigation, DARN IT! Would they just let Natalie and Stephen kiss already! And what about Eva and Miles, she didn’t acknowledge the fact that he almost died. Okay granted she did just loose the kid she thought she was going to adopt, but come on, shouldn’t she transfer all that emotion on to him! GRR! Oh and what was with that Dr. Ewing, is she going to be a new primary on the show? I hope not because for some reason think she and Stephen have some kind of past, and not the professional kind.
-Decided to skip Children’s Lit 1. Too much emotional turmoil going on in my life and I don’t think I can handle the demeaning state the evil vile teacher puts me in because we aren’t allowed to go the bathroom when we need to go, it would brake me, it would just brake me.
-Had weird freaky dreams, finally. I haven’t been sleeping well these past few days. I’m so happy to have my dreams back. But they were weird, and freaky. But I love them. I missed them!
-Woke up. Called Boston, talked to Brad. Told him to let me get ready for class. He doesn’t need to know that I really am just going to go back to sleep and not go to class.
-Wrote this entry…Oh wait, we are all caught up now. Okay! 😀
So now I have to find some photo paper to print my pieces on. WOOHOO! I wonder if anything is going to be open tomorrow? I mean besides resturants and church. I really want to buy some photo matts but I don’t have time now. I woke up too late. We’ll see how it goes.