Sleep Walking…


Seriously I’m so tired. I feel like I’ve been sleep walking through this whole day. I got up. Couldn’t get out of bed for an hour, then I started working on my pieces for the student art show. I finished three pieces today for a grand total of five all together. There is one more piece that I’m working on. But I’m not gonna start on it until tomorrow. I already have the idea. I’m just too tired to deal right now. I’m so freaking sleepy.
Not much happening in the world for me right now. Peter said he might come and visit soon. I’m excited about that. I really should try to get a futon before he comes though. I don’t want him to have to sleep on the couch cause it sucks, and he is taller than I am, but I don’t want to sleep there either cause it hurts my back and I get to wake up with two 15 pound cats who have pretty much tried to kick me off the couch cause they think it’s theirs. Evil cats. Anyway time to take my meds and go to bed! I’m not even gonna bother trying to stay up for L&O:SVU cause I’ve already seen this one. I swear they said they were going to have the Romeo Juliet one where the kids killed their mom, but maybe I’m getting the shows mixed up. I’ll have to go check the website again.