Sunday life days…


So I’m such a bad Christian today because I didn’t go to church. But I hung out Jen today and let me tell you why. Last night I was suppose to hang out with Jen, Mary and Janice, this other woman who comes into the VS all the time. The only thing is that Jen worked in Boston and I was working in Braintree. Boston closes at 7pm which means you get out at 7:30pm. Braintree however closes at 9pm meaning you don’t get out until 9:30pm. Well I was working with Jared who was borrowing someone else car so he was going to have to go back to Sherborn. So I didn’t want to have in to drive into Boston and then drive back out. So I called them and told them that I wasn’t sure that I would be able to go.
That’s when things started to get complex…

Jen said something that made me believe that she didn’t want Jared to come. I didn’t want Jared to come because of the whole Jen and Jared deal and the fact that I felt that Jared was using me to get to Jen. But Jen doesn’t really know that’s why. Anyway I was suppose to tell Jared it was a girl’s night out and he wasn’t welcome, or something like that. So sighing I agreed to this plan. Around 9pm they call me.
Me: Thanking you for calling the Vitamin Shoppe, this is Laney how can I help you.
Jen: (sounding drunk) Laney. I think we aren’t going to make it to 10pm.
Me: Really? That’s too bad.
Jen: Yeah we’re really tired after having to work a double, well I mean that I’m really tired. Mary didn’t work today. I only had two drinks but I’m feeling tipsy.
Me: Okay girl. Don’t worry about it. You go home.
Jen: Okay. I’ll call you tomorrow. Bye-buh
Me: Bye.
So Jared drives me home. Only I’m expecting him to drive me to the T. We start heading towards the highway and I’m like, Jared what are you doing? You don’t have drive me home. But he said he was going to into Boston for a few hours anyway. Now I knew from early that he wasn’t hanging out with his friends because I had asked him. He told me that none of them had called him to tell him about anything going on and he didn’t want bug them, if they wanted to hang out with him they would call him. I laughed at him and told him sometimes you just have to reach and touch someone, like that old phone commercial.
Anyway I did the dumb thing of asking him what he was going to do, go out drinking? He said know. Then I asked, are you going to a movie? I think he heard me wrong, because he then asked me if I wanted to go to a movie. Great. Grr! But we went and I had a good time. We saw Sideways. It’s a pretty good movie, not great. Afterwards he walked me home. Nothing happened. It was just a nice thing to do, plus it was like 1am and walking around Boston at 1am on a weekend night isn’t the smartest thing.
So then I had to hang out with Jen today. Cause I felt bad. Anyway we just walked around Boston all day since it was a nice day. Then I called Vinny and we hung out for a bit. He is going to call me tomorrow. Another 7am wake up call. Oh well I need to get up to go to work anyway. Then after all that I cleaned my apartment. Not all my apartment but I cleaned, for the first time in months!
While I was throwing stuff away I found the Effexor bottle, but I looked at the old date and was like, oh this is expired, throw it away. Guess what! It was the new bottle. I didn’t realize this till 9pm so I missed half of Law & Order: Criminal Intent because I had to go downstairs to the next floor and go through the trash bags to find the bottle. Found it! Thankfully set the VCR so it’s all good.
I called my mom and started to paint my nails. That was my reward for starting to clean my apartment. The reason I really cleaned was because I told myself that I would do my nails after I cleaned. Positive reinforcement, I’ll all about it. So tomorrow I’ll have pretty nails. Yea for me!
Well that’s it. TTYL!