Buggin’ out


Hey! So I’ve been working on setting up Annabelle’s site. Which let me tell you is so not fun. I have a color scheme and the images that she sent but trying to get it into an MT format, ugh. Oh and I promised to make it skinnable, double ugh! Thankfully I have all day tomorrow to work on it too. I promised I would get it done by the time school starts up again. She finished a new fan fiction, a Law & Order: Criminal Intent one and she said she won’t let anyone read it until I fix her site. I understand punishing me, but why punish the public. And she said it was a Goren centric fic, oh she is so mean! *pouts* she probably knows that I’ll go looking for it and then won’t work on her site. Darn it! I’m only human! My biggest problem is that she knows me too well. Grr!
Anyway back my rant about working on her site. I’ve been sitting playing with the CSS style sheets, trying to make everything so it’s all CSS style coded, but then I decided to just do it the old way because I don’t have time to teach myself all the CSS code out there right now. I’ll just go back later and upgrade after I’m done. So while I was working on this I realized something. Not everyone has their screen set to 1024*760. I forgot about this because for some reason whenever you have Windows XP it sets your screen settings to 1024*760, you don’t have to change it or anything. So I’ve been designing sites at this setting. Now I feel bad because went to look at Damaged-girl.net today and saw that I made a big mistake. The graphic is 800px wide which means if you have your screen set to 800*600 there is some overflow in the first two skins. Oh well. At least Annabelle knew what she was doing when she designed her graphics. *pouts* I’m suppose to be the designer! She’s supposed to be the writer. Laney as to the mouse as Anna is to the keyboard. Our little simile, meaning, I use my mouse to design and Annabelle uses the keyboard to write her stories. *sigh* I guess sometimes things just get a little backwards. At least I speak better English!
Okay back to work! I have to get going soon too. I’m working in Braintree again today, probably for the very last time, woohoo! And darn it! Ana, no not Annabelle Anna, Ana my old roommate Ana, tricked me! I thought I was supposed to be working with her. Last week she said she was working a double last Saturday and then again on this Saturday since Jared got his headlights stolen. God that seems like ages ago, I can’t believe it’s only been one week. Anyway, I called to see if Jim, our regional manager, was cool with me working there this Saturday and she called me back and told me yes. Jared was going to pick me up. DAMNIT! If I had known I would have just worked in Boston with Jen and Brad. Oh well, Ana so owes me! I don’t know when I’ll collect, but this has got to be some karma points for me, or something!
So before I trek over Braintree I have to drag my sorry self to Boston because I have to pick up my pay stubs. Brad gets mad when I leave too many of them in the safe cause he worries that someone may take them and open them. Please I make less than anyone else there cause I’m part-time. Well this time I really am going back to work. But I probably won’t post again tonight cause Jen and I are suppose to hang out with Mary again. I don’t work on Sunday so I don’t care if I get really drunk again. I’m going to 5pm mass, there is no way that my butt is getting out of bed before 8am on a Sunday. Sorry god, I’m not that devoted, but I’m trying.
Well ttyl!