Humanity scares me…


Jen went out last night, sans me because I was still feeling sick plus she was hanging with her friend Priscilla. Anyway they went to some bar but there was a coat check place. There was no one there in the coat check room, you just kind of left your coat there. Anyway they go back after drinking and Jen’s coat is gone! It had her house keys it too. I feel so bad for her.
She called me this morning and I was like, girl just take the day off work. You need it. She had been up pretty much all night. She had to spend the night at Priscilla’s since she couldn’t get into her own apartment. She is back at home now. We are gonna go see The Ring 2 later.
Anyway, I just do not understand why you would go in and steal someone’s coat. It’s just mean. I mean you all are at a bar to have a good time and then you go and do something stupid and hurtful and steal someone else’s coat. It’s just wrong. Plus she had a key chain in there from her first date with her ex-boyfriend, sigh. I feel so bad for her. Evil coat stealing scum! I hope you are really hung over today!
Well ttyl!