People, come on!


Okay seriously today at the Vitamin Shoppe today some guy came in and started yelling at us because he said he brought a multi-vitamin there and it was already open, oh he didn’t have a receipt by the way. Anyway he said that he could of died because he was hypoglycemic, don’t ask me how taking a multi-vitamin from an open bottle could effect hypoglycemia because I don’t know. So he wanted his money back, a new free bottle, and to keep the old bottle because he needed it as evidence. Whatever, do we look that stupid? He didn’t get anything. We told him to call corporate office and then come back when Brad comes back next week.
What people will do to make a buck makes me sick! I mean really is it that hard to get a job? I don’t have anything but a high school degree and I have two jobs! People scamming other people is just wrong. I mean I understand that sometimes it is hard to get a job if you don’t have the right look. Well go home, take a shower, find some clean clothes, try not go fill out an application drunk, and then get an interview. People it’s not that hard. If you are walking around with a cell phone then you have money somehow. Don’t go ripping off other people, it’s just rude.
Tonight I’m going out with Mary and Jen. We are going to get drunk at a local bar, cause there are about a billion of them. Woohoo! Well ttyl!