Ladies and Gentlemen the former President…


Of Ireland. I’m not kidding. The former President of Ireland came to our college today and talked about all the things she went through to make her country a better place. Guess what? I got to sit in the gallery the whole time and wait for the 400 people that were sitting listening to her to come out and maybe come inside the gallery. Fun! But on the bright side I did get a lot of free food and I got to try Irish breakfast tea for the first time. So the day wasn’t a total waste. I made to put all of my stuff under one of the food tables though so I couldn’t work on my laptop from 11am until around 3pm when the whole thing was finally over.
Oh well. Any interesting and profound thoughts today? Well just this one. When is the point of free speech too much? How can we protect kids but at the same time save free speech? We self-censor, but is that a bad thing? If we self-censor too much are we holding kids back? I think it really depends on when you stop censoring.
I think you have to censor children until around the age of 6. Why 6, well because then the start going to school and you know they are going to hear about things from other kids. Do you really want your 7 year old to find out about sex, tampons, breasts, and so on from another child who doesn’t know that much about it in the first place? My mother taught first, second, and third grade. When she was teaching second grade, that’s around age 7 or 8, there was a little girl in her class who started telling some of the other kids in the class that her mommy had her tubes tied so she couldn’t have any more babies when her mommy and daddy had sex. Age 7 or 8! OMG right? Well it happens…
So we have to figure out a way to make kids stop talking about things like this, right? Well that would be nice, in a prefect world. But guess what, no prefect world.
The best way to deal with this is to talk with our children, be open with them. If we are not then will get their information else were and it may or may not be the right information.
God I wish we had a prefect world. It would make life much easier. 😀
Oh well! TTYL!