Vincent called today…

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AT 7AM AFTER I ONLY WENT TO BED AT 4! I swear that boy has no sense of time. He’s on his way to work so I must be up. But it’s okay I needed to get up anyway. I had to get ready to go work at the Art Gallery. I was a little late cause I was looking for my writing prompts which I didn’t find until later tonight. Oh Well! I spent my time in the Gallery just writing, not important. Maybe I’ll show you guys later.
Anyway I updated the PetCams and the CityCam today since I didn’t go to class. I should go check my e-mail and see if my Professor wrote back to me yet. I hope he got the e-mail okay. I BCC’ed to myself and looked okay when I did that.
So what happened after Vincent woke me up…

Brad, my manager called me ten minutes before I was going to for the gallery, that’s 10:50am, many hours after Vincent woke me up, and then hung up before I had a chance to pick up. I called back.
Brad: Thank you for calling th-
Me: Why’d ya call?
Brad: What?
Me: Why’d ya call!
Brad: I didn-
Me: There’s a call from Boston on my phone, why’d ya call?
Brad: I didn’t even push the send button, at least I thought I didn’t.
Me: You did, why’d ya call!
Brad: You aren’t on the schedule for Braintreen next week (I’m looking for my stupid prompts while he is talking) I talked with Jared and he said that your name is there but it’s blank on all the days.
Me: Ana didn’t finish the schedule-
Brad: I told him that I needed you here next week.
Me: (still looking for those prompts) Fine.
Brad: So when can you work next week. What nigh-
Me: Brad I don’t have time for this right now. I’m running late for work as it is. I’ll talk to you later, okay? Bye! (I gave you my class and Gallery schedule two months ago! I wrote it down for you! Idiot!)
Brad: (silence) Bye…
I hung up after that. I felt bad though cause it sounded like he was kind of mad at me. Anyway I called him back once I got to the gallery and he was fine. He said he understands because I did write down my schedule for him before and he lost it so… I told him to grab a pen and I gave him my schedule again. He called later and asked when I wanted to work. I sighed into the phone.
Brad: Oh never mind, I guess you want me to do that, huh?
Me: That’s why I’m not an assistant manager anymore.
Can you believe this much happened to me today and I barely left my apartment. Weird huh?
Anyway tomorrow is another day at the gallery. It’s a 5 hour day but here is the killer. I can’t bring my laptop because one of the artworks is all over the floor infront of the plug and I don’t want to mess it up. Instillation art is cool and all but don’t come between me and my electrical source!
Well ttyl!
Take care everyone!

  • the nerve! tell vincent i said to leave you alone until at least 9am LOL