Writing Assignment: Out of the Dust

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Note: If you are my Professor and you have found this paper please be assured that I did not copy it from someone else. This paper was written for Prof. Tim McLaughlin at BHCC for his Children’s Lit 2 class for the Spring of 2005.
Writing Assignment: Out of the Dust
Hardships come in so many forms and many times adults seem to forget how these situations effect children. Karen Hesse, the author of Out of the Dust is able to give us insight on what a child would go through if they had to dust bowl times of Oklahoma with dried farms and in the middle of a drought. Billie Jo is the daughter of a farmer and her courage throughout the book compels you to keep reading and to be hopeful for her.
After Billie Jo loses her mom, brother, and for the most part the use of her hands she keeps going, perhaps out of rage or defiance against her father who will not even look at her because in her eyes it’s his fault they were lost. “But as long as I live, no matter how big a hole digs, I can’t forgive him that pail of kerosene left by side of the stove” (78). Still even after everything that has happened and still happens she keeps going and even manages to find the strength to come back to her father after she left him. She realized that she left out of fear and had the courage to go back.
However, her greatest act of courage came after she came back home to her father. “I am forgiving him, step by step, for the pail of kerosene. As we walk together, side by side, in sole-deep dust, I am forgiving myself for all the rest.” (206). The fact that after everything it seemed that she put herself through and her father put her through she was able to forgive herself and him as well shows great courage.

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