Writing Assignment: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland

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Note: If you are my Professor and you have found this paper please be assured that I did not copy it from someone else. This paper was written for Prof. Tim McLaughlin at BHCC for his Children’s Lit 2 class for the Spring of 2005.
Writing Assignment: Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland
In the past when stories were written for children they were not created for entertainment but rather instead to teach children how to behave and what values to believe in. These types of stories and poems were popular to have children learn or memorize around the time that Lewis Carroll first published Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland. Children were expected to behave as mini adults, always calm, collected, and obedient. This of course is not a child’s nature and Lewis Carroll saw this and was able to create a story that children wanted to hear, full of nonsense and turning poems that they were taught as lessons into silliness. In the book when Alice is feeling overwhelmed she tries be serious as an adult and scolds herself for being idle and not finding a way out of her situation. Doing that is difficult for Alice because she is just a child but the trails that she goes through make her believe that she has changed much since she fell through the rabbit hole. She believes in these changes so much that when the Mock Turtle and the Gryphon she encounters ask her to tell them about her adventures she replies, “I could tell you my adventures- beginning this morning […] but it’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then” (119).
Alice has changed some but not enough to say that she is a different person. In the beginning whenever Alice would get herself in trouble she would start to cry. However at the end of the book when the Queen of Hearts yelled at Alice to, “Hold your tongue!” (140), Alice yelled back at her that she would not. Part of the reason she did this was because she realized that she was bigger than everyone else there but the other part is because she had started to see how silly everyone there was being and she was not scared of them anymore. By learning to overcome her fears Alice has changed but she is still a child at heart which we see when she tells her sister of her dream that even though parts were hard for her to deal with she still had enjoyed it. Showing that she is still a child but she has learned how the difference between being silly and being to serious which can make you look silly.

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