The wonderful world of PMS and chocolate doughnuts


I surprise myself more and more everyday. I am totally serious. I wasn’t really sure that I could spell the word doughnut but I wanted to use it for the title of this entry and I spelt it the way I thought it should be, then I did a google search. Unbelievable, I spelled it right!

Anyway today I finished reading Out of the Dust by Karen Hesse for my children’s lit 2 class, which is tomorrow night. Not a bad book and I can see why it won the Newbery Medal. I really liked it because even though it is like 227 pages each page wasn’t full of words. They were kind of centered like you get when you do a blockqoute. The only parts I didn’t like where when it was suppose to be the girl’s dreams and the words were all floaty on the page, it made it hard to read because my eyes had to jump all over the page.

So the reason for the title of this entry. Well you are just going to have to click and find out…

Okay seriously I woke up at 4am and I couldn’t move. I felt so dizzy and gross it was awful. I hate getting my period. This is probably the worst I’ve every felt so far because of it. I went to the bathroom put on a pad and prayed that I wouldn’t throw up. I tried my best to go back to sleep but because of what my body is going through had to sleep half under the blankets half on top. Don’t ask me why, but I just get so over heated and then the next second I’m freezing. It’s really weird

So I woke up around 8am and decided I am not going to work today. My whole body hurts. I can’t move. But I spent a half hour in bed and started to feel bad. Jared was going to have to drive all the way from Shelborn through Boston Sunday morning traffic to pick me up. Which meant that he would have to go past Braintree then drive back out of Boston to get back to Braintree. So I got up and took a shower. While I was waiting for the water to warm up I almost fell over. I kept basically standing up in the shower by thinking that I would feel better once I got out. It was around 9:15am by the time I decided that there was just no way that I could go to work. My body hadn’t stopped aching and I was so dizzy I couldn’t stand for more than two minutes.

I called Jared, unblocked my number because I figured if he saw it he would think something was up and answer his phone. He didn’t. I left a message. This was 9:22am He was suppose to pick me up at 10:10am. I started to dry my hair. At 9:44am Vincent called me. I thought it was Jared at first because the ring was set to the friends/co-worker group. That way I know who is calling if I can’t see the phone and don’t know if I want to answer it. I turn off the blowdryer and see it’s Vincent, not Jared. I start bitching to Vincent who is super about the whole thing and tells me that if Jared gets there just don’t go to work. I tell him I can’t, I’d feel to guilty, he sighed, then he had to hang up because I told him my hair was all kinky still so I had to finish drying it.

I finished drying it and it was 10:02am and the phone rang again. It was Jared! Thank god! Jared said it’s okay he wasn’t in Boston yet so he was just going straight to Braintree. I feel bad though cause I think he was really in Boston but oh well, I don’t have any proof so I’m just going to believe him.

Then Vincent calls back and I tell him the good news, he says good and he’ll call me later. I go back to my bedroom and change into my PJ’s again and start reading my CL2 book again. An half hour later I start getting sleepy and I fall asleep. Vincent calls like 15 minutes after that feels bad and hangs up, don’t worry we said good-bye nicely. After that I go back to sleep and 30 minutes later the phone rings again, it’s Jen. We chat and she ask if I was asleep I lie so she doesn’t feel bad and tell her about my PMS, Jared, and working in Boston sometime this week. She says to call her tomorrow so we can hang out.

Well by now it’s anyway around 12noon and I start to get hungry, but I’ve been reading my CL2 book trying to finish it for tomorrow and I don’t have any food in the house. So I take a brake and I call my brother in FL and his wife picks up. I talked to them for about 47 minutes. They sounded so depressed it upset me. I think they were just having a fight when I called so that could be why. So I called my mom but my dad picked up. I forgot my mom had her bookclub. I told him about my talk with Jed, brother in FL, he says sometimes things just are that way. I ask him what Todd, brother in MD, wants for his birthday and he says he doesn’t know. Sigh I’m going to have to call Todd later tonight. But Mom is going to see Todd today. Do I really want to overload Todd with family today? We’ll see
So I go back to my CL2 book without calling Todd. I’m about twenty pages away from finishing it when I decide I want to call Sue, my friend in DC, but I say, I’m going to finish this book then call Sue.

Five pages away from the end:

Me: I really want to call Sue!
Brain: You have five pages left.
Me: Fine, meanie!

I finish the book and call Sue. We talk for awhile but then Vincent calls and I tell Sue I’ll call her back. I talk to Vincent and he says he has to go he is in line to wash his car. We hang up. I call Sue back, she says she is on the phone with her mom. We hang up. I’m am starving now because it’s 3:30pm and I’ve not had a bit to eat all day. I want a doughnut. So I get dressed again but in my chruch clothes because I’m going to go to chruch since it is Sunday and I’m not at work and I’ve not been to chruch in almost a year, and that was for a wedding. The last time I went to chruch of my on volition (side note: I can’t believe I spelled that word right too) was more than 5 years ago. But the reason for that is for another entry.

I go to get my doughnut because I’m being really good today. I’ve called my famiy, finished my homework, and talked with my friends, and I’m going to chruch. I get out to the street and have to wait for the cross light… And I start to tip over and have to hold myself up on the cross light post. I’m only a block away from Dukin’ Doughnuts so I go get my food and some milk, two chocolate glazed doughnuts and go back to my house. I finish eating and I start shaking.

Vincent calls back, he says it doesn’t sound like a good idea for me to go to chruch since I’m shakey and I have to agree. Mass is at 5:30pm and it wouldn’t finish till 6:30pm, after dark. And walking by myself in the dark in Boston on a day when I’m not 100% just doesn’t seem like a good idea.

So I’ve been lying in bed on my laptop reading Wil Wheaton’s blog and looking at his entries about his kitty Sketch which I really liked. Sketch looks a lot like Emmitt. Emmitt is only half Maine Coon though.

Anyway that’s my day today. Now I’m just waiting for L&O: Criminal Intent to come on and Emmitt has decided to cuddle on my chest so I’ve had to put the latop on top of him to keep typing. Johnson though has been lying on my shoulder all day, he’s a good cat. *smirk*

Well I’ll write more later tonight after watching Vincent D’onofrio. Is it wrong that I’m so in love with him? *big silly grin* *sigh!*
TTYL! Laterz!

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