Another day….


Okay seriously today really did suck. I spent most of the day trying to update which didn’t go well. I ended up having to delete the whole database and upload it again. It was totally evil! Right now I’m just glad the front page is working. But I’m gonna have to go through and delete all the old journal entries and start over again. The site is suppose to be my collective but right now it just looks like a collected mess.
I still have to go through and get Annabelle’s blog set up the right way. I backed hers up already thank god. She hadn’t gotten around to finish her move from her old site to her blog so everything is still in tact. She wanted to turn it into a blog slash website for her artwork. Hopefully when I get it up and running she will be happy with it. But I have to install another set of MT code just for her. It’s a small pain.
Tomorrow, well today really, should be interesting though…

I am going to work at the store in Braintree, which by the by is like an hour away by train, okay not that far but pretty damn near it. Then I have to get on a bus and take it to a drop off point which will hopefully be somewhere in the store, not really sure about that though. I’m gonna look it up again before I leave. Here is the best part, I’m going to be working with Jared. Ugh! I’m not really looking forward to this at all. Nice enough person yes, that’s not the problem. The problem is that every time I am with him all he wants to do is talk about Jen. I love Jen, Jen has saved me from a life of boredom. But we don’t really talk about our pasts. I’ve been able to do so with Jared so that’s kind of nice, well at least until he met Jen. Now it’s all Jen. Kind of funny, and yet he still thinks that I don’t realize that he is totally in love with her.
Grr. I just want him to drop me off at the T. If I tell him that I’m not going home he is going to ask me where I’m going, what the hell am I suppose to say at 9pm on a Thrusday night? Oh I’m going back to school. Um, no! Damn campus closes at 9pm so that screws me over. Otherwise that would totally work. Maybe I can say that I’m going to visit my cousin or something. Not that I have a cousin in Boston but if I say that they are gonna pick me up at one of the T stops on the red line then he could just drop me off at the T. Fuck!
I’ve just finished watching the first three DVD’s of Law and Order: CI’s thrid season. The first disk was great cause it was mostly just Eames and Goren. Then Kathryn Erbe, who plays Eames, had to go on leave because she was having a baby, so disk two pretty much sucked except for the fact that Vincent D’Onofrio is a really good actor so it kind of made up for it. The third disk, well that had this great scene where Goren is just totally lost because Eames isn’t there, and he gets fed up with his temporary partner and basically says ‘If Eames was here this wouldn’t have happened this way, cause she would have caught it,’ but in not so many words. You can really see how much he needs her around, or for you non-romantics out there how well they work together.
Anyway in the episode in which Eames finally returns to duty this little scene happens and I love it! The episode is called “The Show Must Go On”.

Eames [holding Xerox]: This is the check from the First Responders benefit, front and back.
Deakins [looking over her shoulder]: Five hundred bucks? Who’s Terry?
Eames [still looking at Xerox]: My date [looks up at Deakins who gives her a pointed look]
Eames [confused and looks at Deakins and Goren]: Well what was suppose to do while I was pregnant? Sit home and knit?
Goren holds up hands to indicate that he does not want to get in the middle of this potentially sticky conversation

Isn’t that just great! Oh yeah I should probably say that Eames was being a surrogate mom for her sister. I’m not sure if it was her and her brother-in-law’s genes or if her sister’s eggs were fine she just couldn’t carry to full term, and I’m not really sure if I want to know, but the woman does have a point. The baby she is carrying isn’t hers so why shouldn’t she have a social life before her body gets completely taken over?
Okay now that I’m done with that I think I am going to try to go to sleep. TTYL!

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