The evil spammers have attacked yet again! I really don’t understand why they keep coming back here. I’m very sorry that they do. I hope that people aren’t going to stop coming because of them. Anyway I think it’s sick of them to post links to sites about incest when this is the web blog of someone who was sexually abused by her brother. Tell me that’s not sick! You people are seriously messed up and are pissing me off to no end. I know you probably won’t stop posting your sick links but I’m begging you not to.
I was sexually abused and then later raped for christ sakes! I don’t want your stupid porn links de-grading my site and my life anymore than it has already been de-graded. So just fuck off!
On a happier note I’ll be leaving day after tomorrow for DE. God I really wish I was going back to MD instead but stupid everything has to be in DE. It’s evil really. Well TTYL!

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