Woohoo! It’s Monday


Okay my hip is totally killing me. I even asked my freaky co-worker what he thought it could be. I only ask him things like that when I think it’s really really needed. He knows a lot about muscles and stuff so most of the time he understands, and if you aren’t like too graphic about it you don’t have to worry about how much of a prevert he is. Anyway he had no clue. But what is hurting is the area right where around where my hip meets my pelvis but only in the front. And then the back of my thigh. It’s killing me. I can’t fall asleep cause it hurts so much. And it hurts when I sit or lay down. It’s evil!
Okay so since I found out that the guy that I like is totally in love with someone else, who happens to be a very good friend of mine, I’ve been kind of down. Okay very down! But I’m trying to cheer up. I need to! My friend in DC says that I should totally try to get back at him and tell the girl he likes about the crush but I don’t know if I can. I mean, if it was last year I probably would but right now the most important thing to me is that Emmitt is resting his head on my foot. I know that sounds weird but it’s really cute. Emmitt isn’t a cuddler but when he does it feels great cause his fur is extra soft. (is in heaven). My point is it doesn’t really matter because well it’s just part of life so why fight it.
God I don’t think I can go to class tomorrow/today. At least not my first one. My hip hurts to much. Oh well. I’ll e-mail my teacher to let her know. I just wish this whole hip thing would go away and that I could get on with my life. Fuck maybe I’ll just move to a different city. Somewhere were it’s not so fucking cold! Sorry but if I can talk about child abuse then I should be able to use that word. UGH!
This is so troublesome.
Laterz! :(:x

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