What a field day for the heat…


OMG! I am so sick! I feel so awful. My stomach isn’t getting any better. I swear it’s getting worse. I almost died in class today. I also kept falling asleep which isn’t good but oh well. At least I’m not like some of the psychos in my class. I swear there are so many drug addicts in that class and it’s a childern’s lit class, it’s so scary to think of some of these people teaching kids. Really scary.
Anyway yesturday was fun….

I worked with my ex-roomie, Ana. She and I are really good friends. She was telling me all about how Jared is dying to work with my friend, Jen this Tuesday. She even said that Jared would go on and on about how hot my friend is. He is such a fucking asshole. Yeah I’m swearing. But it’s the extended entry so… Anyway I am mad. I hate when people lie to me and think the can get away with it. I mean did he totally forget that Ana and I used to live together. We tell each other almost everything. Plus we are women who both love to gosip when we can. Well I don’t know if it’s rally gosip cause when we talk about things we talk about things that matter, only to us. And most of the time we are just making fun of people when we talk. It was really fun because Ana just went on and on about how much Jared pissed her off sometimes. It was funny. But I felt bad for her. It’s hard having a first assistant that pisses you of when you don’t have a second assistant. Oh well!