My wonderful recaplet…


Okay seriously I had fun yesturday. I pretended that I was someone else. Someone who was a bit of a bitch and sorry minors. I try to edit my language sometimes and usually I put all the bad words in the extended entry but I had to say it. I was kind of mean to Jared. But come on how many Italian Jews do you know? My grandfather would have rolled over in is grave if my mother married a Jew, they were big time Catholics. After her mother died the church did everything for them. They even got my mom through private school. Probably should have said that out loud though.
Oh well…

I mean it’s not like I have anything against Jewish people, except for the whole war thing but I don’t blame them for that. I blame the US for getting involved in something that doesn’t really involve them. Anyway I feel bad and I couldn’t sleep last night because of it. That and I had major nausea all night. When I finally did fall asleep it was evil. I woke up like two hours later and have been up ever since then. EVIL!!!!!
Anyway Jared asked me some more questions about Jen. Not a lot though. But whenever he had a chance to he did. OMG! He is so over the moon about her. I love that saying. Over the moon… Hmm… Yeah he is totally in love with her but he still refuses to tell me about it. Stupid idiot.
So I’ve been listening to Spanish pop a lot lately. My new favorite website is They used to tell you what songs they were playing but the playlist is down now. So now I have to switch to whatever they are playing on the Latino pop station on MSN radio. That way if I at least like the song I can download it. I’m thinking of e-mailing them and telling them to please put the playlist back up. But I’m sure they know about it being down.
Oh today I’m working a double with my former roomie, Ana. I am excited about that because I really like her and we haven’t hung out in a while. Maybe we’ll go to a movie tonight. I know she likes late night movies. I think it’ll depend on how tired we are after work. Plus I have to finish up my Children’s Lit paper. EVIL! Sorry I’m big into evil today.
The only downside about working with Ana is that I’m going to actually have to do work at work. Damn! Yesturday all I did was block and face. Not so bad, but there was a ton of shipment left over and she is going to have a fit. Oh well…
That’s it for now. Time to finish getting ready for work. I have to run down to the Boston store and grab my nametag before I head to the T. ACK! NO TIME!