And the band played…

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I’m so in love with my new laptop right now. I have MS Word installed which means that I’ll be able to do some work on this paper I have due next week and off course there is the dvd player but I think my boss would get mad at me for watching DVD’s in the art gallery, yeah probably not a good idea. Oh well. It’s almost time for me to get up and start facing the day now.
I’ve been up since like 5:30am but I haven’t really gotten out of bed because I have this weaked evil headach that I had when I went to sleep. I knew it was a migrain headach because of how much even the smallest bit of light was hurting my eyes, I couldn’t even read the tv guide on the tv screen. Luckly I know what time and channel Crossing Jordan is on by heart so I just programmed the VCR. Yeah I still have one. Granted I would like a Tivo, but someone else is going to have to pay the 200 for the thing and then the 300 for the lifetime recording fee.
Okay well hopefully I will start posting more now. I don’t really have more time or anything there are just a few more interesting things going on in my life right now.
For example:

Sunday was the Super Bowl. Of course living in New England it’s a big deal. I went with my boss to his house for a Super Bowl Party. It was funny cause his wife hates me because she thinks I’m after him and he is like 20 years older than I am, thining gray hair, and has two kids who are only like 6 years younger than I am. Oh yeah he lights my fire, NOT! God how gross is that!
Anyway Jared, from previous posts the guy who takes care of my cats when I’m away, was there along with my friend Jen, that he is love with. They weren’t there together, but the only reason he came was because she was going to be there, oh yeah and she was already pretty much drunk when we got there. Thankfully she wasn’t acting stupid or anything.
She was rooting for Philly though and she was all upset that they lost, she is from there so I can understand. She asked me how I would feel if it was the Redskins, they are my home team, and I told her I wouldn’t really care. I don’t like them because their name isn’t PC. I like the Ravens though but even if they lost I wouldn’t be too upset. I understand football and I’ll even enjoy watching it, but I’m not to pressured one way or the other about who wins and who loses.
So after the game is over Jared offers to drive us home, but here is the funny part, he askes me if I want him to take me and her home! I’m thinking, great now I have to be a translator for you two, no way! But being the good friend that I am I get her attention and say Hey he’s offered to drive us home, that cool with you? Or something along that lines. We drive home with my all but unrealible directions. Hey! I got us on to 93! It’s not my fault they changed the exit side! Bastards! Then I get us from 93 to her house because I’m just super special like that. Oh yeah I’m doing all of this from the backseat because again since I’m Miss Nice Friend I made her seat up front so that they could talk. They were talking but I couldn’t tell what they were saying. I think he wanted to go out for drinks with her. Actually I know but not the point just yet. He asks us if we want to go out and I say I don’t really care either way, especially since we just missed my exit, she doesn’t want though and that is the end of that!
After we drop her off he takes me home and we talk. He asked me about her SAT scores! OMG! It was really funny. I mean we were talking about SAT’s and he was like so what were hers. I laughed and said I don’t know. I know she was a cheerleader so she had to have a pretty good GPA, cause in highschool, at least in mine you had to keep like a B average to be on any team. He responded that GPA and SAT’s don’t really reflect well on each other. Which is true if your a bad tester. Anyway I was like so why do you want to know, he started to get flustered and said we were talking about SAT’s and so… I laughed at him and said I had no idea.
He so likes her, I don’t know why he doesn’t tell me that. I know it, everyone else knows it. His boss, Ana, my former roommate who I think of as a sister casue even after weeks of not talking we pick up like we’ve been talking all the time, knows it and she and I joke about it. He is so silly. I really believe that the reason he has been taking care of my cats, Morty, and the gerbils is so that I’ll make Jen go out with him. So not gonna happen. I love Jen, but she would tear him apart. Their personalities are just too different. But hey maybe it will work out. Who knows…
God the whole thing makes me feel like I’m back in highschool!
Well TTYL!

  • I have been reading your blog! I love the pictures of your kitties! I have a huge Russian Blue but I don’t have any pictures of him online. Congratulations on deciding to study social work? What area of social work do you want to go into? I am studying special education, but my second choice would have been social work, focusing on foster care.
    – Angel