Did you always know that you were adopted?

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Yes, as far back as I can remember I have always known that I was adopted.  Mostly because I was adopted by a “white” family and my ethnicity is Peruvian Quechuan.  If you have never seen a Quechuan, we are typically darker skinned then the light skinned Peruvian population.  So it was pretty obvious to me that I was adopted.

That being said sometimes when someone would meet my mom and me they would say, “Oh she looks like you” after my mom said that I was adopted.  I am not sure why the topic of my adoption came up but it is probably more of a pride thing than anything.  My parents were both very proud of the fact that they were able to adopt me.  Plus it was a very interesting story with the interactions between the US and Peruvian governments.  You have to understand, my parents are very big social activists.  So much so that I remember being taken to various political rallies when I was little, we lived near Washington, DC so that happened a lot.

But my parents never made me feel like my adoption made me any less significant than my brothers.  That was all my only little psychological fears and illogical thought patterns.  It is very easy for me to think, I know that my mom and dad love me as much as my brothers (I actually think they love me more, but that’s cause I’m a brat) but sadly I can say that I don’t always feel that way in my heart.  It’s very hard on my parents because they know that and the feel like they did something wrong.  I personally don’t think they did anything wrong, but it’s just how my mind works.  I wish I could change it.

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