So I’m a little scared to say this and curse myself. It’s also a bit embarrassing. But here you are.

This is the first year (my 4th year of uni) where within the first few days I didn’t have a major breakdown, start crying, want to go home, and end up in the counseling office on the phone with an emergency counselor from uni (because it was after hrs). Because of panic attacks.

So…I’m proud of myself. I could be prouder I suppose, I still feel embarrassed by the fact that I’ve had such trouble in earlier years but…I got through it and that’s the point I suppose.

Anyway I still had some anxiety but I managed to get through it…particularly with help from my lovely tumblr twin, so thanks to her!

Anyway I’ve finished classes for today so I’m around tonight. If anyone wants to talk or has any anxiety questions or is going through a rough time SEND ME AN ASK anon or not. (Seriously do it, that means you!) And also let me just say if you send me an ask non-anon and want me not to publish it lemme know and I won’t!