I feel awful! I haven’t posted in forever. I’ve been really busy trying to get my life together before I started school. So here is a list of things that I have done.
I’ve changed my major. I’m now majoring in Social Work which I’m really excited about. I kind of always wanted to do Social Work but my parents weren’t so keen on it. But I now have the major I want so yea!
I have a brand new laptop which is great. It’s not the best one out there but it’s got all the basics and that’s all I need! I’m so excited about it.
I’m going back on my meds, finally. My health insurance finally let me go back to my old PCP so I got my Rx renewed. I am currently taking Effexor which is wicked expensive but works good. Woohoo!
So that’s my little recap for now. I’m going to go online and try to find some new mood icons! TTYL!