i hate anxiety.



i am literally just sitting here on tumblr and my stomach muscles are tensed and i have butterflies. like there is no reason for me to feel anxious, but i do. it honestly never goes away.

I totally understand this feeling.  I have woken up many times and decided that today is just not a day that I want to get out of bed because there is clearly nothing good going to come of the day.

I wish I knew some thing to tell you that would help you instantaneously, however there is nothing that I know has a quick fix for this feeling.

Listening to music, something calming, like classical music, helped me.  And also deep breathing.  It will sound weird but I knew a neurologist who told me that the tingling in the bottom of my feet was from me hyperventilating.  She said to take in a deep breath and hold it until I felt like I couldn’t anymore then release the breath and repeat.  Apparently doing that helps to do something with your CO2 levels in your brain and can help bring down your anxiety.  It works for me, so you can try it sometime.