I’m the girl who was abused by her father. I was lucky however: my mom protected me as soon as she found out. I live on my own now and I didn’t see my father since I’m 12 but I’m lucky he never got custody. I am seeing the university’s psychologist right now, but I wasn’t able to talk about this to her yet: I was chocking up just mentioning my father. I’m really confused and messed up. It helps to talk however, even if it’s hard and tiring: thank you! You’re an angel.

Of course Anon *hugs*

I’m glad you are talking with a psychologist.  It’s hard when you first start talking about it.  My first therapist when I was 13 never knew, at least not from me, that I had been sexually abused.  When I went to victim services I didn’t to tell the therapist because it was victim services.  She actually had to convince me that I had been raped.

By the time I got to university and starting seeing a therapist there I had already decided that there was something wrong with the way that I was behaving.  That I wanted to get better.  It still took me about a month or two to tell my therapist that I had been raped.  I think I did not tell her about the sexual abuse until after a year.

You just take your time telling your therapist.  Make sure that you feel comfortable with her.  If you don’t feel like you are developing a good and safe relationship with her than you can tell her that, and you should.  She might be able to recommend someone else that you can talk to.

You can make it through this.  I know you can *hugs*