Again with the spammers!


Okay seriously! Why are you spamming me? No one comes to this site except for me! And I don’t even come every day! I mean my life isn’t that interesting so that people come here and see what I write every day! So stop with the spamming already!
On the plus side I just ordered pineapple pizza. Oh and I’m watching CCS. That’s Card Captor Sakura for those of you out there who don’t know about it. I love it. I now have 6 out of 18 of the DVD’s. I don’t have the first season yet but I have most of the second and third season. And it’s so funny. Right now I’m watching the one where Kereberos first meets Spinel Sun but that’s when Spinel Sun is in his Suppi form and Kereberos is in his Kero form, they are both too cute! I’ll write more after my pizza comes!