Forever and a day…


Hello everyone,

Yes, I know I have not been good about posting.  I never am, I’m lucky if I post once a month even though I say I am going to post once a week.  Well in January I started a digital photography class.  I was out taking pictures and I fell down and broke my arm.  That is the short version of the story.

I’m all better now. I was officially discharged and given a clean bill of health, not a clean financial bill but oh well.

In other news, I started a new job. Which is awesome, I’m not nearly as bored in this job and I still have free time.  Plus, I have my own office which I have never had before.  I feel bad though for one of my coworkers because she and my boss just have a huge personality conflict.  Oh well, I try to give her good advice but the only person you can change is yourself.

That will be the theme about today’s post.  These past few weeks at this new job have been trying.  I am still not 100% sure I like it here but it is quiet.  I have not made friends with anyone yet.

It is hard being here because the place is so big but my office is really small.  Some of the people seem super busy all the time here too. I wish I could make more friends but this team is so much smaller and we all work on our own program that I feel like I don’t have time to make any friendships.

My anxiety disorder also makes we worry about if people will like me. I always think that they will start talking to me and feel like I am not worth their time and then just ignore me.  I know I should not feel like this but I do.  So I just hid in my office and do my work.  The one nice thing is I did warn my current boss that I am kind of shy at first.  I can be social when I need to be but I tend to be shy.

I really tried to be honest in my interview because in my last job I really felt like I was being penalized for being shy.  I did not want to share everything with everyone in the group, and really I should have had to, it’s not like we were in group therapy, we were colleagues.   However, my old boss thought that we should all share everything. Which is really hard for me.

It is easy to share here because people either read what I say or don’t, but in a job I mean, shouldn’t be judging me by how well I do my work, not how much I tell you.  Anyway, I’m not there anymore so I am not going to keep talking about that.

I think on Monday I might bring up something that has been bothering for a long time.  I hope that people will be around to read it because I need feedback on it.

Hey, guess what, it’s Friday 😀