It’s Tuesday, it’s Tuesday! Why am I so excited? Because I made it all the way through Monday! Plus tomorrow I’ll get to meet new Vitamin Shoppe people. Since a lot of guys who like to work out decided to work at good ol’ VS there is a chance that one of them might be really cute. Granted he won’t flirt with me or anything but it’s always nice to work with cute people.
There was this one guy that used to work for us, every girl was in love with him. Okay not in love with him but he was really hot. He was also engaged. So we never tried to make a move on him but he was just nice to work with. *grins*
Well I’m being forced to go home for X-mas and for Thanksgiving. I don’t mind so much for Thanksgiving. But for X-mas. I would like to go down a little bit longer so I can at least see my friends. I think for X-mas I’ll only stay a few days and come back here ASAP so I can go back later when everyone isn’t trying to spend time with their families and they can spend time with me!
I’m working on a new work out schedule. I want to loose at least five pounds before X-mas. Five isn’t a lot, but it will at least put me a little bit closer to my BMI and probably no one will be able to tell but me but that’s not the point. I am doing this for my health.
And now I’m gonna be late for school! AHH! MUST GO TO SCHOOL!