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Very good question Anonimouse!

No I was adopted as infant, I probably should have explained that.  I sometimes forget to mention these things because my adoption is so much a part of who I am I don’t really think about.

I don’t know very much about my birth mother except for these few things.  First, she was 14 when she got pregnant with me.  The man who got her pregnant was older than she was, but they had been seeing each other.  When he found out she was pregnant he skipped town.  She and her parents were very poor, and we aren’t talking USA first world country poor standards.  Nope, this is third world country poor.  My birth mother lived in Peru which means at 14 she probably was not even in school anymore and was working in the fields with her family.

Anyway, after she decided to give me up for adoption she worked with some nuns who helped her set up the adoption and they decided that an international adoption would be best.  Although Peru is a very different culture so they could not understand why Americans wanted to adopt a girl.

That’s where my parents come in.  They had two biological children, both boys.  However, they always wanted a girl.  While the were traveling in South America they ran into a family that had just adopted twins in Ecuador and when they heard about that they decided to adopt as well.  So the nuns set it up, despite the whole Peruvian culture thing about boys being better to adopt than girls.

The regulations for adoption are different in Peru than the are here.  At the time when I was adopted both of the biological parents had to show up in court an forfeit their rights to the child.  If a parent did not show up at all that was an automatic forfeit.  Take a wild guess as to who didn’t show up in court, that’s right, my biological father, what a man.

Anyway after that was all said and done with I was born.  Go me!  Then my biological mother had to physically hand me over to my parents.  My mother couldn’t be there to take me.  She said it was too emotional for her, being a mother herself.  So my father was the one whom my biological mother handed me over to.  I think that is kind of nice, because it’s like getting the ultimate sanction from the bio-parent, that they are trusting you to take care of their child.

So to summarize a very long answer to your very short question, yes, it was my adopted brother who sexually abused me.  But I consider him to be my brother since I don’t really consider my biological family to be my family in anything other than biology.  That might be mean to my bio-family but it is the way that I feel about it.

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