I’m failing abnormal psych! I really have to quit my job at the Vitamin Shoppe. I would have had more time to do everything. Too bad. I kind of like it there. Well not really. But some of the people are really nice. I don’t know what to do. This totally sucks!
I am currently pissed of at BlogRoller. It’s totally unfair that you have to pay 20 bucks just so they will only list five of the blogs that you visit on your front page. So if I don’t want all the blogs I visit to be listed at once I have to pay. That totally sucks.
Also lovely event of the day I’m totally PMS’ing. I can tell that by this time tomorrow I’m going to feel like I’m loosing all of my blood. I want to have children but damn, every month I have to go through this.
Also. Does anyone know any good blogging programs. I love MT but I would like to host other blogs here. I don’t know if I should though. I mean LiveJournal is so popular and it’s free again so is there really a point?
Plus MT totally rocks because the let me upload my cam pictures and I can make thumbnails without actually making them. MT does it all for me.
I’m going to be making a page about me soon. That will list some info on me and when I list that page I will be making an entry on my psychological background so please be warned a head of time. Okay time to start using some PHP. I love PHP. I just hate making PHP pages because I am so not good at it!