E-mail to Parents


The following is an e-mail that I started to write to my parents and then just kind of exploded. I didn’t send them this e-mail who e-mail. Anything below the cut did not get sent them. The names have been changed to make sure I do not get fired from my job!
To: Mom and Dad
From: Laney
Date: Um Today (duh!)
Subject. I am not not picking up the phone.
Okay I am not picking up the phone but for a very good reason. The trackball on my phone stopped working so ATT told me to go to the warranty replacement center. They replaced my phone, track ball working and everything, for free! No activation fee either! Only when I finally get home to look up Jen’s phone number to make a phone call guess what. It sounds like I am under water! I am going to try again tomorrow morning and hope that maybe it just needs to sync up to the network properly but if not I will have to journey back to ATT tomorrow to get this fixed again!
Thank you so much for looking up that book for me. I am now 43 out 50 on the waitlist. I didn’t move up, but the waitlist got longer. LOL! I guess we know what I will be asking for Christmas. Still it is to bad because I finally figured out how to make audiobooks work on my laptop so that the screen goes dark but they keep on playing so it’s kind of like falling asleep while listening to a book which I used to do all the time. Only now the problem is I wake myself up because I am so interested in the book and then force myself to stay up again. But at least I am getting a few hours a night. I am hoping that once finals are over and my brain relaxes more I will be able to sleep again.
[text after this did not get sent]

Doctor Collins told me that if I needed more sleep medicine I would either have to do a sleep study or go to a psychiatrist and I don’t want to go back on anti-depressants, it’s just too depressing. I also don’t want more sleep medicine but I do have to have to say that waking up in the middle of the night and not staying up until the alarm clock goes off is nice.
Nothing else here other than the reason that I really wanted to talk to you the other day and I can’t remember now if I did because everything is starting to blur together from my lack of sleep is that Cindy told Al that I was being resistant to making credit card purchases. Which makes me so mad because she didn’t say anything to me about it before she talked to Al. Al already knew what was going on though because he had called that day when I had to go get the lables and asked me what was going on and I told him. I wasn’t being resistant though. All I said was that I didn’t have my card and couldn’t I order them online when I get back to the University after I have my meeting about the KPI because if we order them online they are half the cost and they will get there by noon the next day.
Cindy didn’t even bother to call me to tell me how urgent it was and instead just went to the Center Director who had requested and then then to the University Director. I told her that if it was really urgent she should have called me before going to them to let me know how urgent it was since that was the question that I had asked but no one seemed willing to answer except to yell at me and make me feel bad because they all were acting like I was trying not to do my job. Well now I know why because Cindy told them that I didn’t want to buy the stupid lables which was not even what I said! She didn’t say that exactly but basically what she told them implied that.
Anyway the whole thing practically happened again yesturday but guess what! All of our credit cards are not active because we are switching form one bank to another. I told the Acting Director that I had just been to Staples last week for them and why didn’t they say the needed more of the same labels that I bought and request more of the folders which I went to Staples for two weeks prior to the lable incident. He was not pleased. He said, “There is this saying, poor planning on your part does not consitute an emergency on my part. Find good subtitues for what they are requesting and show them to me before you give them to them. Then will try to figure out a way to order anything else that they might need.” Now it seems like he is going to back us up more. I am going to send an e-mail on Monday asking them to please furnish the list that he requested for the anticipated supplie needs for all of FY 09, with pricing, and the dates that they will need the items. It is only fair because he did ask them to send the list and really all these events that they are having are planned months in advanced, they just don’t bother to think enough about what they will actually need to make the events happen.
I know everyone always says that I shouldn’t make friends with people I work with cause it causes problems and because since I have such trust issues that I need to be overly trusting of my friends and when the wrong me I am very likely to never give them a second chance. Which is why I shouldn’t be friends with people I work with because if that happens with people at work, well I still have to work with them. But it is so hard because I am such an introvert and I really can’t stand the idea of going to random places to make friends.
So this weekend is a stay in bed weekend because lets face it, it is too cold to do anything else and I still to busy trying to proccess the latest of the lies that Cindy told me to try to make it seem like she wasn’t the one that did anything wrong that it was Admin Assistant who misinformed her. Which is totally not true. Candance swears she didn’t say anything to Cindy other than that I didn’t have my card with me, I was going to place an order anyway, couldn’t we just order the stupid lables with that order. That’s not what Cindy says though. Guess who I don’t believe since she keeps trying to go behind my back. I think I have really figured out what she is trying to do. She is trying to put a wedge between me and Al because she knows that Al thinks I am a very good employee and I work very hard. And she is just upset because she is not the favorite anymore. Tough luck! I still am not the favorite, loads of people don’t like me because I make them do their job. But that is why they call it work. She just needs to deal. I’ll tell you one thing. I’m glad I am taking so many classes next semester, that way I don’t have to feel like I have to help her with her math homework anymore (Cindy I mean not Candace).
Okay I am going to go now because this has been a really long and rambling message!