Of which Fe is needed


This last week I thought I was going to die! I had to go to the doctor’s office to get my annual physical before my jobs changed over and therefore my health insurance changed over. It’s a long story but basically I still work at the same location just under a different employer. Yes I am vague about this for a reason, have you read about the numbers of people who get fired from there jobs because they blog about them and the people find out about it and they get fired! Thank you, I’ll skip that!
Anyway the doctor said that I had to do another blood test because even though my liver enzyme test came back normal my hematocrit was low, which is the fancy way of saying that I am anemic. I refuse to believe this but I do like saying the word hematocrit, maybe that is my problem. So she tested for that, gave me a flu shot, and looked at the lump on that has been bothering me cause it’s just hanging out there on my left side. The lump was nothing, something about a collection of fat or something, anyway not a big deal. The flu shot didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. The iron test was annoying but they only took three tubs of blood as opposed to my normal seven to eight tubes of blood when the do my liver tests.
I have decided that I do not like needles. I cannot look at them as they go into my skin. Granted I’ve never tired to look at them while they are going into my skin but I see them there lying on the table and I just have to look away.
Oh in other big news the doctor was not happy that I was not sleeping. Yeah well, umm… Anyway she gave me a sleeping pill, which has been working. Yay!
So I go to work the next day, I think I am going to die. I think the combination of the flu shot and me starting my period was just too much. I was weak, shakey, and thought I was going to throw up several times throughout the day. But I had to stay. There were these important binders that had to be put together for an important presentation. I stayed. Finally around 2 PM I started to fill better, I opted not to eat as I was not sure what would happen if I did but I did manage to stay the full day! Go me!
I don’t like feeling like I have to throw up. So now the newest theory is that because my hematocrit (there’s that word again) levels are low that is why I get sick when I get my period. Oh and that I have to go see a GYN so that my periods can be more regulated and I do not loose so much blood. A) do not like GYN’s last time they did a PAP it made me bleed and it hurt for two days! B) my insurance is changing in like two days.
So doctor says I must buy this iron supplement which I am totally opposed to because I am not anemic I tell ya! Oh and she says once my insurance changes I must go to GYN so that my periods will be more regular. GYN will not do that though because of the liver thing. I cannot be put on the pill because of it. Hell I probably shouldn’t even be taking the sleep pill but apparently I need to sleep so I guess I have to take it.
Oh well. TTYL!