Funny little things


So I was renewing my lease with my brother the other day because he had to co-sign with me when I first signed my lease 2 years ago because evil Vitamin Shoppe cut my pay when they transfered me. Anyway!
We got to the part of the lease where I had to initial next to the rules to indicate that I agreed with them. I started putting my initials down and handed the paper to my brother. He said that I didn’t initial I put the “at” sign. I said no, I put the “e” sign cause my initial is ek with a circle around it only after signing my name twenty times I gave up and just did e with a circle around it. Then we got into a conversation regarding where the “at” sign came from and what it’s name was.
Well I found out. Please click on the following link to find out:
Just thought I would share!
Have a great day!