Crawling out from under a rock


Hi Everyone!
I know it’s been forever and a day since I’ve posted. I’m actually thinking of re-doing this site completely. Not sure how though because I still want it to cross-post to my livejournal but I’ll figure it out.
Anyway I’m waiting to hear back from UMBC to see if I can start my career as a social worker. Okay not really start, but at least start my major.
On the plus side I found out that my mom and dad want to take me to Peru when I get my Bachelors degree! I’m super excited about this and now am more motivated to finish school and get my Spanish up to par because I’m not going to Peru and not being able to speak my own language!
I also want to learn the native language which is Quechua. But I think that might be a goal for later on as no one here speaks it.
Well I should get back to work I have to finish reading at least one article from the NY Times and make a post about it before I go and head out to see the Lion King!
Super excited about that! WOOHOO!