This Just In: Laney never updates!


Okay seriously though that can’t be news to anyone! LOL! I kind of feel bad because I’m sure some people read this, well used to and probably don’t anymore because I never update but maybe I’ll start to update more and then people will start to comment more, yeah!
Alright let me see… I got promoted! Or rather I will be. I start my new position at my job toward the end of January. I’m very excited about it because I am going to be learning a lot about training. I have to talk to my project manager though because there is one class that I really want to take and I am hoping she will let me “How Adults Learn.” We’ll see.
Relationships: Don’t make me laugh. Right now I’m seeing anyone, thinking of seeing anyone, anything. Maybe that will change. I don’t know. I’m not looking because honestly the only guys I ever seem to find attractive are the ones that are already married or have girlfriends (for example: every guy I’ve ever dated.)
Television: The writer’s strike is totally bumming out man! I love TV. You know I do. I’m a very good American because I’m such a good TV watcher. But when they show crap shows because there no more new episodes of my normal shows it makes me upset. Thank god Netflix is back on. I turned it off while I was taking my class.
I took a class on Controlling Stress and Tension at my local CC. I got an A! I’m so so proud! I’m wicked smart! LOL! I’m enrolled in another course too, or at least I will be after tomorrow. I have to wake up extra early so that I can deposit a few checks and then I can enroll in my course. Don’t want the bank balance to bounce. God I hope the class I want doesn’t fill up!
Just have to say it again: I GOT AN A IN MY CLASS!!!!!!
Well that’s it for now. Hope all is well with everyone! Happy New Year!
For New Year’s, so I would not be left alone like I was on my birthday, I called up my friend Sue and asked her she had plans. She said no. Then I said well could I bring over some food and you, me and Chris hang out. She said so you are inviting yourself over. I said yes. It worked though. We had a really good time and the lasagna that I made tasted really good. A couple of our other friends showed up too so fun was had by all! No toasting though, none of us are drinkers