A very Hairy weekend!


Hi everyone! So I know it’s been forever since I’ve posted but really there hasn’t been much to post about. My birthday was on July 4th, it was quite and I loved it. I went and hung out with Sue, her boyfriend, and her mom and they were wonderful to me! They even got me a cake. Than that weekend I went with my brother to DE and we had more cake there. All and all I gained back all of the weight I lost *eek* but that’s okay it’s only temporary and I’m totally back on track with eating right.
Let’s see… On July 20th I went to my local Boarders and picked up my wristband for being on the waitlist for the brand new Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Can you believe it, the waitlist! Crazy! Anyway I went back for the event which started at 9:30ish but I was too scared to go in at first so I talked with Jen for a bit on the phone. I’m not kidding. There were a ton of people there. But it was so much fun. There was this one girl who was about 10 maybe a bit older and she was dressed as Bellatrix Lestrange and she totally had the best costume there. They had a contest but this cute little baby girl whose mom put her in a “witch” costume won instead. I use the word witch loosely because the costume was only witchy because of the witch’s hat the baby had on. Anyway it was great fun and the Boarders employees were so funny because they took their jobs so seriously.

I got my book, sometime after 1am, it’s kind of a blur to me. It’s the first time I’ve ever had to be on the waitlist for a book! All the other Harry Potter books I just walked in the eve of the release and picked up a ticket and I got my book like 10 minutes after midnight but not this time. Crazy right! Anyway they sold over 1000 books that night. I asked since I had to stick around so long. 1000 books; and that was just in one Boarders!
So I didn’t read the end like a lot of people did. I had seen some spoilers but they were really just foilers! Some told me that someone was going to die who didn’t. I’m not going to say though cause I’m sure there are still some people out there who haven’t finished yet. This I got home around 2am I went to bed after I finished the first two chapters than woke up and started reading again. I got about half way through and called Sue and we agreed to meet up around 7pm to go see Hairspray!
OMG! It was the 7:45pm showing and it was practically sold out! It was so good. The movie is about two hours, just a little bit shy of it actually but it didn’t feel like it at all. I remember when I watched Dreamgirls, which I liked, but was like, another song, really, do these people ever actually talk? Hairspray was not like that at all! It was prefect! I loved it. Oh and we walked by a 10pm showing and that was packed too! Hairspray is clearly a hit in the DC area, and everywhere else from the news reports I read.
I have to say though I was disappointed in Amanda Bynes’s voice. I had already heard it because I heard some of the pre-released recordings and it just was not the same as the other girls who played Penny. Penny is supposed to find her inner soul girl throughout the musical and Amanda Bynes’s voice just didn’t quite make it. I think the producers realized this because Amanda got a lot of help from the voice of the guy who played Seaweed. He ending up picking up a lot of the singing parts that original songs have as Penny solos.
Still it was very good and I’m going to go to DE again this weekend, I hope, and make my mom go see it with me. If I don’t go to DE this weekend I’ll probably go next.
So go see Hairspray and go buy Harry Potter! Or by Harry Potter online but please do not download bootleg copies of Hairspray. You really must see it in the theater to get the full experience.
I really cannot emphasis this enough because since Broadway is so prohibitively expensive it is important that these movie musicals are supported so that those of us who cannot spend $150 on a Broadway ticket, which by the way is the going rate for a non-Tony award winning show, will have a chance to enjoy these production as well.
See Hairspray in the theaters!
Okay enough of that. TTYL!