Why Holiday Birthdays Suck!


Okay so I’ve been bad and I totally have not been posting my calories for three days now!
Mostly that is because I have not gone above 1200 calories and I’ve been totally feeling awful about it. I swear I do not have an ED. I just don’t like healthy food so I don’t tend to eat that much of it. Weird, I know.
So anyway I totally woke up sick and didn’t eat much at all because I didn’t feel good. So tonight I forced myself to eat some hotdogs. Hotdogs do not have as many calories as you think they do. And if you eat them they way I do you can actually have four hotdogs and still have fewer calories than any McDonald happy meal.
Today I’ve had a grand total of 1215 calories. I have no idea how much fat or carbs and I’ve kind of decided to stop counting the carbs because it’s too much trouble.
So far since I’ve started this, we are on Day 8 now, I’ve lost 5 pounds, and kept it off! Woot! Go me! Although my IQ seems to have dropped dramatically because I just tried to spell lost and kept with an “ed” at the end of each. Hmm…
Okay so at work today I entered in six classes! A record high for me! But it’s good because that means I only have eight more classes to enter tomorrow and on Thursday.
My friends hate me though. Just because my birthday happens to be on a national holiday they seem to think that it’s okay not to at least invite me to whatever other party that they are having! Not cool! You don’t have to give me presents but don’t you think it’s kind of pathetic that this is the first time in four years that I’ve been in the area and you are all have BBQ’s and have not invited me?!?!

I don’t expect much, haven’t since my 21st birthday which went totally ignored by all of my friends here and my parents. I think it might have something to do with the fact that I cannot drink, but still! Something would have been nice.
Whatever, all I really want for my birthday is for at the end of your festivities that you come out to the National Mall with me, or the Gaithersburg Fairgrounds, pay for my parking, cause that would be nice but I’ll cough up the $12, it’s only $12, and watch the fireworks with me. That really isn’t much to ask, is it?
Having your birthday on a day like July 4th, New Year’s Day, Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day, or Halloween sucks! Why? Because these are constant holidays, they don’t change, the date always stays the same. And people are always either obligated to spend time with their family because, it’s a national holiday, or they are throwing parties but they don’t invite you because they think it would be rude to have you at a party that doesn’t acknowledge your birthday at all!
Not inviting your friend to a party is rude, and that’s just that!
So this is where I stand on this issue. I’m not going to Vicky’s party because she didn’t invite me. This is how our conversation went:
Me: Want to go to the fireworks?
Vicky: No, can’t having party.
(insert awkward silence)
Me: That’s cool! Have fun.
Vicky: Um, you can come if you like.
Me: Yay!
Vicky: It’s going to be all couples though.
(insert second awkward silence)
Me: I’ll get back to you.
Okay so she has an excuse for not inviting me. All of her friends are couples. I, being the lone single girl in the coward, would not have any fun. Plus I really don’t like her friend Red-Headed-Bitch-Jen.
Peter is doing a family thing. Plus we still aren’t really talking.
Angie, god only knows if she is even in the country right now!
Sue, I’ve e-mailed her twice and nothing. Oh I even called her!
Yeah, birthdays… I don’t expect anything.
Hopefully someone will want to go to the fireworks with me! Please!
PS: I’m not sure why I’m begging here, none my friends even knows that this blog exists. Woot!