Grr! Not Right!


So I was bad and I didn’t stay late at work yesterday which means I have more things to enter today and I’ll probably have to stay late today. On top of all that I have to create a form that data can be entered on because the one that we have isn’t any good. So not cool!

My boss was really stressing me yesterday because he was asking for some data which hasn’t been updated in months and which he can pull himself. Also because of him the day before I couldn’t do any of the things that were actually the priority. Anyway I told him that there was no way we could get it done by Monday and there really isn’t. I could spend all weekend on it but I’m not going to.

For the rest of the day I was stressed and unfocused which I tried really hard to focus but I was not able to. Today I’m just not going to look at any of my e-mail unless it is from the director and I’m going to tell the receptionist that if she needs me to come set up for the desk for her she better send an e-mail because I’m not picking up my phone at all.

Okay since I was bad and stressed yesterday I had a very high calorie lunch and they were serving cake so I had just a little bit it of it. I’m not even kidding. I had so little that when I threw out the rest of the cake it looked like I didn’t touch it. But I still counted it when I got my calories at the end of the day.
Day 4
Total Calories Consumed: 1015 c
Total Fat Consumed: 23.83 g
Total Carbs Consumed: 139.5 g
Not bad considering that I had cake. I feel like the count should be higher but it’s not. I mean I really only had about a teaspoon of it so I guess that’s why. I had fajitas for lunch and yogurt for dinner. I was so full from lunch still. Really though I have to get my calorie count to be at least 1200 c per day otherwise I know I’ll binge this weekend.
Things that I have to do this weekend:
Go get my eyebrows done. Go get my picture take for my new driver’s license. Get my gym card refreshed because I haven’t been in forever and my legs look like crap. Go to Sephoria and by more Fat Girl Slim. I swear to god that stuff works! I’ve lost almost a full inch around my waist which is great! Oh and renew my lease. Thankfully they aren’t hiking my rent up too much. Just about $50 and since I cannot afford to move right now I’m going to take it!
I really hope I get enough of my what I need to get entered in today as possible because I really want to get my eyebrows down today so they don’t look awful for my driver’s license which I have to get on Saturday, it’s the last day it will only cost $30 to renew it. Yay!
Also I have to make some more LJ Icons this weekend! I managed to talk myself into using some of my birthday money to by an LJ account instead of being a good girl and paying off more of my bills. I figure I should treat myself since I’ll be 26, ugh! That’s so close to 30. I think I would feel better if I was in a relationship or something. Of course that would require me being able to handle a relationship and I’m way too needy, clingy, and selfish right now to handle one.
But at least I know what’s wrong with me and admitting you have a problem is the first step to solving it. Right! ;-D