Training and Calorie count from Day 3


So yesterday I had to go to a half day training session that took place in a different building than the one that I normally go to. I had to pay $7 for parking, of which I totally plan on getting my money back for. And I spent the first half the training bored out of my skull because it was all stuff that I wasn’t going to be able to do. The second half was great though and really informative. It is also going to help me get some new policies going which is something I love. I’m a rule-maker type, I love knowing the rules and following them. Does that make me a type A? I think so. Which I believe my mother is, so it would make totally sense.
My mom and I don’t get along for more than 3 days at a time. The reason, we are both very similar to each other. I have no problem admitting that I’m exactly like my mom. No problem at all, cause my mom is actually kind of awesome. I say kind of because she is my mom.
Anyway when I got back to work I had to do all kinds of things except for the ones that I actually needed to do. I might have to stay late tonight. I don’t know.

So on to the calorie count:

Day 3

Total Calories Consumed: 1273.75 c
Total Fat Consumed: 26 g
Total Carbs Consumed: 209.87 g
The reason for the higher count: up until about 5 PM I had only actually consumed 230 calories because I didn’t get to have lunch yesterday. I went to help one of my coworkers out with his rabbit because it needs IV antibiotics because he took care of my cats while I was in Hungary. So he was nice enough to order dinner too. And no it’s not what you think, get your mind out of the gutter you nasty, nasty people. The reason I had to help him out is cause his wife is out of town. The day before one of other coworkers went and helped him and today someone else is. Which is a good thing since like I said before, I’ll probably be staying late.
Yay to the fact that I finally got over 1200 calories I just need to keep that up cause if I don’t I know I’ll end up fucking everything up by bingeing. Fingers crossed that Day 4 will go as well.