March Madness


Wow! So I haven’t posted in a while and you will totally not believe why! I was in Hungary. But before I could go the US government decided to make me jump through about a few dozen hoops, which was totally annoying because my legs, while be long for someone who is so short are still short! J/K
So if you dare be prepared for a major rant fest of how a US citizen has to go through h-e-double hockey sticks to get a passport, not so that they can leave the country, but so they can get back in!

So here is the deal. I turned in all of my passport stuff on Jan. 10, 2007, which was a full ten weeks before I was suppose to be traveling.
We get closer…
And closer…
Finally two weeks before my trip no word. I call. And call. And call.
I finally have to make an appoint to go to the passport office, but wouldn’t you know the only available appointment is the day before I have to leave. I get told by the very rude man on the phone that even if I go down to the passport agency there is still no guarantee that I will get my passport that day! WTF!!!
I’m sorry but I’m leaving the country the next day and you are telling me that they can’t get my passport that day!
Anyway I go to the passport agency. This is after I’ve called them like 20 times, have had them put an expedite message on the passport and a message that it has to be delivered overnight too. I get called to the window and guess what, my application has not be touched!
8 fucking weeks it’s been at the fucking passport agency and my photos are still attached to the fucking application! I’m sorry but I was almost about to kill someone when I saw that.
I was told that I was going to have to wait till 11:30am to come back to the will call window and pick up my passport then.
I get there at 11:15am.
By 11:30am there is a line that literally spans the whole length of the passport agency and is starting to go out the door. Thankfully I’m 10th in line.
2 of the10 people in front of me have already been turned away, not good!
I get to the front of the line and hold my breath.
I picked up my passport went back to work and proceeded to work 8 hours that day getting home very lat and having to pack. I think I got 2 hours of sleep in total and I had to leave the following afternoon.
Anyway I’ll post the links to some of my photos later.