So I just finished watching Batman Begins and I have to say that I really did not like it.
The movie is completely serious and while it seems to follow the classic beginning that the comic book series has it totally lacks any humor that pervious Batman Movies have had before. Other Batman movies have light humor in them, to help ease the tension when needed; this was all gloom and doom the whole time. Not what I was expecting, and while I respect the fact that the writer and director were staying true to the series I just could not bring myself to watch this movie. I ended up watching most of it through fast forwarding.
The State of the Union address is on tonight which means that after 9pm there will be no television to watch because all of the major networks are going to be airing. I’m horrified. I can tell you what the State of the Union is without having to watch some dim-witted Texan prattle on about concepts that are completely beyond his comprehension. We are stuck in a war were there never be a clear winner, only a loser, but if we pull out of said war well then we really will be killing thousands of people. A solution to this problem is beyond anyone’s comprehension, of that I’m convinced. I do not need to watch people argue over what is best and what is not best because there is no best in this situation, there is only what we can do and what we can longer support.
I am a hippie. I want them to take all the money that they are spending on this war and use it for education instead. Education is the true foundation to our society and until we start acting like it matters and pay educational professionals the way that they should be paid and giving them the supplies that they need then things will not change. I honestly believe that. Education is powerful. People want to change, but they cannot do so unless the tools are provided to facilitate this change. How come in other countries in the world higher education, such as college, is free or close to it, but here it is considered a privilege that only a privileged few are allowed to get. It should not be a privilege, it should be a right.