Dilemma much?


So as the end of my cell phone contract draws near I am faced with the same dilemma that we discussed only a year ago. Do I stay with my current service or go fishing elsewhere?
I really love my Sidekick. I’ve loved everything about. Especially the fact that it doesn’t burn a whole in my pocket every month with the bill, it only cost about 67 dollars a month, and I get unlimited text, e-mail, IM, and internet. Plus 600 minutes, which I hardly ever go over.
I do miss my rollover minutes from Cingular and I would still like some type of blackberry, cause lets face it, the girl loves to conform.
Now T-mobile does have a few Blackberry plans. I think I’ll still have to go in and talk to someone about it though. I’m very confused about the whole thing. Sometimes they say unlimited web and e-mail and then sometimes they say unlimited web, email, and text, so which is it?
Verizon I thought was cheaper than Cingular but it turns out not so much, while neither company offers an unlimited text option.
Cingular offers 3000 text for $19.99 but then I would still have to pay for the Blackberry service but there is no mention of internet. Plus I know if I get a blackberry I will check my work e-mail all the time. Not because I want to or anything just because I can. Which I so don’t need to do! So I guess the Blackberry is out but I still want it cause I really don’t think I can afford the BlackJack.
Cingular Blackberry Price Dreakdown:
Voice: $34.99 for 450 rollover minutes (I miss those)
Blackbery Unlimited: $44.99 (which I think includes text messaging, why is it more than the voice plan?!?)
Grand total per month before tax: $84.98
Cingluar BlackJack Price Breakdown:
Voice: $34.99 for 450 rollover minutes
PDA Connect Unlimited: $39.99 (no mention of text messages, again why more than the phone plan?)
3000 texts: $19.99
Grand total per month before tax: $99.97
Verizon Blackberry Price Breakdown:
Voice & Data Choice Bundle 450 minutes: $79.99
Unlimited IN Messaging PLUS 1000 additional messages: $15.00
Grand total per month before tax: $94.99
Verizon enV Price Breakdown:
Voice: $34.99 for 450 minutes
Text: $15.00 for 1000 texts (Jen and I send at least 50 on OTH night and this also has to include any from IM clients like Yahoo, MSN, AIM, which I’ve no idea how many I use)
Vcast: $15.00 (this has the Mobile web, which I guess means I can only check mobile webmail email access)
Grand total per month before tax: $69.99
T-mobile Sidekick 3 Price Breakdown:
Voice: $39.99 for 600 minutes
Data: $20.00 (unlimited web, email, text, IM)
Grand total per month before tax: $59.99
T-mobile Blackberry Price Breakdown:
Voice: $39.99
Data: $19.99 ( I don’t think it includes texts)
Texts: $14.99 (unlimted)
Grand total per month before tax: $74.47
I could pay just $59.99 but that only gives me 1000 minutes per month and this would be my main phone. I want to find out if the unlimited add-on for Blackberry includes texts but I don’t think so because it didn’t have different price breakdowns.
I really want a blackberry but I really don’t, it’s the whole work e-mail thing. I know me, I’ll check it because I can not because I need to or anything like that. Grr!