Haven’t you people ever heard of…


I talked to Jen tonight, she was drunk which is totally understandable given the situation that the wonderful VS has put her in. Rob went to another store in Brooklyn so now her store has no manager. Anyway I managed to get out of her that Lawyer Friend Jay was all proud of the advice that he gave me about not speaking to the PI. Okay, that’s not actually what happened, but he said that he told me not to talk to the PI and Jen said that sounded like a good idea and he said it was.
I’m trying to plan my next trip to Boston. I’m so taking a plane this time. The only question is when will I go? I’ll end up staying with Jen because well it’s Jen and she won’t turn me out, plus she lives closest to the airport. Well at least I know where I’ll stay.
Hey it’s almost Sunday, almost time for a new set of PostSecret. Yay!
Random thought/question: If over IM (whether it be via AOL, MSN, Yahoo, or just phone texting) someone tells you that they “luv” you without stating a reason why, such as I luv for remembering that, or something silly that friends say to each, they just say “I luv you”, does that actually mean anything?
PS: I still haven’t done any cleaning.