Of Cellphones and Holidays


So I am faced with a major dilemma here. My cell phone contract is up at the end of February because T-mobile wanted to get rid of all the Sidekick II before the Sidekick 3 came out and was giving them away free if you signed a one year contract.

Here is my dilemma, which by the way when you look the word dilemma up in the MS Word Thesaurus one of the other words it gives you is “catch-22” so I have to wonder is “catch-22” in Webster’s? Anyway my dilemma is I love my Sidekick, sure it could be smaller but then I would never find it and it would have probably broken by now because I’m forever dropping the thing, it’s very sturdy. The other thing is that its charge doesn’t use one of those charging things that has little metal teeth on the end of it, it’s a sold charger. Those little metal teeth can bend and then you don’t get a good charge from them anymore. Which is the biggest downfall, or at least so I’ve read, about Motorola phones because their chargers are just too delicate.

So there is one of three things that I could do:

– Keep my current cell phone and my current plan and wait.

– I can renew my plan with T-mobile and shell out big money for the Sidekick 3

– Port my number to another plan and not shell out big money for a new phone that will have either the same features such as unlimited texting, internet, and instant messenger, for way more money, or choose not to have those features. The one I think that I’ll miss the most is the unlimited instant messaging and texting. If I did go to another service it would either have to be Cingular or Verizon. I like Cingular because of the rollover but Verizon encompasses the majority of the people that I talk to right now.

So the question is what should I do? I really will miss my Sidekick and I do like the fact that the internet is there when I need it because hello, I don’t ever have to call 411 to get a number, but I don’t really need it.

The reason I’m thinking about this now is that if I do decided to go with the Sidekick 3 I will need to start saving money like now!

Wow this whole thing is kind of shallow, yes. However tomorrow I’m going to Barnes & Nobel and using my gift cards to buy my mother and brother’s gift. I’ll have to buy my dad’s gift when I don’t have just $8 a day to spend. But I get paid on the 22nd and they live right next to Lowes Hardware. The reason I don’t mind using my gift cards to buy a gift. Honestly, I love to read and when I was living in Boston I still had my MD license so I couldn’t get a library card, which in turn lead to my family getting me gift cards to the book store. But I would use them so sparingly and would put myself in such a state over which book I should buy because what if something else comes along that I would just leave the store. So I rather spend the money on the gift card on something that I know I should be getting instead of searching for something.

Anyway one of the things that my brother wants is the new PostSecret book. I finally went the website today and this was the postcard I liked the most:


As long as my mother doesn’t get the book for him tonight I’ll probably get him it tomorrow. I think I should be allowed to get it though, after all I was the one who called him and told him to update his list.

Don’t you just love the holidays?



PS: Please note that I should have been cleaning my apartment today, sigh… But I started bleeding out of every pore of my body so I decided against it.