Hey All! So the weirdest thing happened right? First of all I’m having an affair, again. Just kidding, I’m not married or going out with anyone so not possible. Anyway a private investigator started calling for me. Do not ask me how she got my number because about a month after I moved from Boston I changed it. Oh that reminds me I really should take down CityCam.
Okay so the PI is calling about the robbery right? I don’t remember all that much about it. Anyway I called her back but didn’t leave her any details. Then I e-mailed Lawyer friend Jay and he said that they were probably just trying to help the defendant. So when she called again I chose not to call her back.
Anyway after her call it put me in edge for awhile. I didn’t like it. I hate the way the robbery made me feel. I mean I’ll freely admit I’m an equally opportunity bigot. I don’t like people in general, I mean honestly who does. But I hate how the robbery made me ridiculously wary of Black people. Yeah, the guy who held me and the other Shoppe girl up was Black. Anyway all that came up again. It wasn’t with all Black people this time though, which is good since I work with Black people, btw, they told me that’s what I should call them, Black not African-American.
If it makes you feel better I don’t like Latinos either, and I’m Latina. Of course that could be because I don’t like the way that they are getting all, oh we don’t have to learn English, we should all learn Spanish. Piffle! I speak both Spanish and English but I refuse to speak Spanish if it is going to enable someone not to learn the language of the country that they are coming to in order to get away from the hardships that their country put them through. If you are coming here for opportunities then show some respect and learn some English. Sure, fine, speak Spanish all you want at home, but if you are going to do business and get a job in the American work force than learn some English!
Thus ends my random rant.
Anyway everything else is going great. I really honestly am not having an affair! I’m still not talking to Peter. But I text’ed him Happy Thanksgiving, and he text’ed back so that’s something right? God, I’m such an idiot. Never, ever sleep with your friends, especially your virgin friends!