Kings Dominion


So why do I always go to amusement parks but I never ride any rides? I’m not sure, I think I’m a masochist or something.
Anyway I went to Kings Dominion with my friend Sue, her boyfriend, and her brother. Sue is like me and doesn’t ride any roller coasters so instead we walked around, yay calorie burning, ate funnel cake, oh bad calories, and played arcade games, oops there goes all our money.
Guess what! I won stuff!
Here are my winnings:

Won for Sue b/c her boyfriend is bad!

I kept these. If you get a Sponge Bob Square pants postcard from me blame Sue. It was her idea to use the rest of the tickets on them. 😀
Anyway I had a great time. Everyone always wonders why I have fun amusement parks so much when I don’t ride any of the rides, well I guess it’s because I like my friends to have fun. Plus goodies! Yay!