Nothing! Absolutely nothing!


So I have done nothing in the way of packing. I spent sometime thinking about
packing, talking about packing. talking about cleaning, but not doing anything.
Instead I spent my day cleaning up my Sims 2 game. I now have some Sims that
I’m actually proud of. Of course before I share I must warn all of you that,
yes I’m prone to use cheats and because of this my Sims tend to be boring.

So here we go!

This Sims are from the TV Show House, MD because I’ve just recently become
obsessed with it…

Gregory House

James Wilson

Lisa Cuddy

Oh the next group are still for the most part House characters but because
they are suppose to be younger than House, Cuddy, and Wilson I thought it would
be fun to have the start off as teens. Which means of course they need at least
one parent.

Eric Foreman and his mom Marta (who is dressed that way just because I like
the dress)

Allison Cameron and her dad Alexander

Robert Chase and his dad Rowan (I think that was his name on the show)

We’ll start of with House because well, why not 😀

This is actually from later on the first day but I forgot to take a picture
of my wonderful little house for House…:-D

He hates my lamps! Evil!

Yay! He likes the chairs!

After going over everything in the house and telling what he liked and didn’t,
cause that would really matter since he has like no money left and I’m not changing
anything, House spun up the wants to get some skill points. He wanted mechanical,
logic, and cooking skill points. Instead I have him studying cleaning so that
he can get a promotion at work. He’s just an EMT for right now. That doesn’t
pay the bills!

While he was studying I noticed a Townie Sim standing outside, Jessica Elbie
or something, anyway she’s instead now watching TV. I thought she was part of
the welcome wagon and was shocked that only one Sim turned up, but it turns
out I just made House stop studying and greet her for no reason at all. Instead
the welcome wagon turned out to be Wilson, Cuddy, and Foreman’s mom Marta. Here’s
House greeting Wilson and he doesn’t even get points for it, Wilson does! That’s
so wrong!

You can’t tell from this picture but House was so excited to meet Wilson he
drop greeting everyone else from his queue and started to go off to chat with
Wilson. I had to put a stop to that so that Cuddy and Marta wouldn’t just wonder
off. He begrudgingly went to go great them both.

Once everyone was inside House decided he was hungry and instead of making some
forever he decided just to make lunch meat sandwhiches for himself. I stopped
him and made him make enough for the whole class. Cuddy seems to like them.
Meanwhile Wilson wants to bore House about something instead of just letting
him eat.

So instead House askes Wilson about his interests, which include pointy hats
with moons and stars on them. Off camera Marta said something to Jessica that
she didn’t like.

While everyone is eating Allison Cameron’s dad Alexander walks by. I made House
go great him. I feel kind of bad for making doing all this work because he’s
not suppose to be very social but I figure the only way to get Cameron, Foreman,
and Chase in the story is through their parents. Because once their parents
know House they can invite House over for dinner or something.

Jessica is still causing trouble off screen but everyone else is having a good
talk about baseball…

Once the sandwhich that Wilson was eating started to turn green I made House
get up and say bye to Jessica. Now there is a high enough score between him
and Wilson to allow them to hang out. This lets me invite everyone else to hang
out sans Jess because she’s gone.

The conversation was going so well then House decided to talk about Sumo

Which spawned a whole debate about Sumo and…

Baseball of all things They went on for hours about which Sumo wrestler should
pitch for which baseball team. Honest! The little alert finally should up telling
me that House’s car pool was coming in an hour, which meant it was 6am Sim Standard
time. I made House say goodbye to everyone.

House is either checking out the mailwoman or putting on his hit list. Who knows…

I just liked this picture because I love all the detail Maxis put in the game.

Well that’s it for now. I hope you all enjoyed.